venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Spazi Docili [Docile Spaces]: Crowd-Behaviours-Patterns

Dystopia: Are We Nearly There Yet? 2012
A CAAPO Event –
Moving Sculpture In The Public Realm
Cardiff City Centre 17/03/2012; 12-2pm

Christian Costa, Fabrizio Ajello

Spazi Docili [Docile Spaces]: Crowd-Behaviours-Patterns

In Social Force Model an individual is subject to long-ranged forces and his/her dynamics follow the equation of motion, similar to Newtonian mechanics. The velocity of an individual is described as the result of a personal desire force and interaction forces.” (Ramin Mehran)

Which are the forces at work when huge crowds move through urban areas? What kind of dynamics are involved? Are there any emotional implications? Which are the reasons that lead people to move in an ordered or unordered way? And why all of a sudden movements become erratic? Can we interact with this flow of movements and its emotional content? Is it possible to create reference models and apply them?

During the extraordinary day of Saturday, March 17th, when the city centre of Cardiff will be filled with the exuberance of about 100,000 Welsh & French rugby supporters and the confusion of Saint Patrick’s Day, Spazi Docili [Docile Spaces] intends to deal with this mass of people and focus on the relationship between the single and the multitude and the dynamics of movement, pause, chaotic or governed motion.

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